Little Rock Money Laundering Lawyers

Little Rock Money Laundering Lawyers

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Charged with Little Rock Money Laundering, You Need A Little Rock Criminal Defense Lawyer

Little Rock Money Laundering is a term that applies to any financial activity where the proceeds or money that is received or handled comes from some form of illegal activity. Increasingly, these Little Rock charges are being used as a tool by prosecutors to pile on additional charges against anyone who receives or transfers money or items of value that are proceeds of illegal activity or which can be traced to some kind of illegal activity. Money laundering is a serious crime. Generally speaking, Little Rock Money laundering process of taking dirty money – money that was derived from unlawful activities, and concealing, disguising or otherwise be made to appear lawful in order to avoid detection, prosecution, seizure, forfeiture and taxation. Little Rock Money laundering can be ancillary to other criminal charges such as Medicare healthcare fraud and mortgage fraud.


Because of money laundering’s underworld links to financing international terrorism, state and federal Money laundering prosecutions have increased in the days since 911. In order to ferret out illegal financial activities, federal and state lawmakers have enacted anti Money laundering laws to track and detect large sums of dirty cash entering legitimate business channels. If you or someone you know has been charged with Little Rock Money laundering, you need serious legal representation from a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer with courtroom experience who is familiar with the anti Money laundering statutes. You need attorney affiliated with Wise Laws fighting for you.


Concealing the true source of funds deposited in a bank account or invested in a business, failing to report cash transactions over $10,000 or structuring transactions to conceal their aggregate value, or failing to perform due diligence to determine the source of large amounts of money are some examples of Money laundering.


Examples of Little Rock Money Laundering


  • Little Rock Medicare Fraud
  • Little Rock Drug Dealing
  • Financial Fraud (Bank, Mortgage, Insurance Fraud)
  • Little Rock Racketeering Activity (bribery, tampering, piracy, smuggling, contraband)


Possible Penalties for Money Laundering These Little Rock offenses are serious and usually carry a maximum jail sentence have from anywhere between ten (10) to twenty (20) years in prison depending upon the amount of money involved. Additionally, money-laundering charges in Little Rock usually bring forfeiture actions in tandem with the criminal charges, which seek to recoup amounts as substitute assets for the laundered proceeds, which may place legal or clean money, or assets, including real estate or other legitimate investments at risk.


If you believe that you may be looking at a Little Rock money laundering charge because of some kind of activity in which you played a role, even a minor role, you must know where you stand. In this arena, knowledge is power. Your initial consultation is always free and completely confidential.


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Little Rock Insurance Fraud Lawyers

Little Rock Insurance Fraud Lawyers

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Little Rock Insurance Fraud criminal defense attorneys affiliated with Wise Laws represent clients accused of various insurance fraud offenses in Little Rock.

Little Rock Insurance fraud is a broad term that includes numerous acts the law considers illegal. All of them are related to stealing from Little Rock insurance companies. Insurance fraud is one of the most commonly prosecuted Little Rock white-collar crimes. Insurance fraud prosecutions and indictments in Little Rock have dramatically increased as the result of the recent changes in Little Rock legislation and general policy aimed at insurance fraud crackdown changes. Unfortunately, many individuals accused of insurance fraud in America are not even aware what it is they have done wrong.


Our affiliated Little Rock insurance fraud lawyers are highly experienced in defending Little Rock clients charged with insurance fraud related to Little Rock health insurance, auto insurance, Little Rock Medicaid fraud, unemployment benefits fraud, and welfare fraud.

So, what is fraud? In short, the state Penal Codes do differ, a fraudulent insurance act is intentional and deliberate submission of an insurance application to a Little Rock insurance carrier or its agents. Fraudulent means either submitting false information or concealing, for the purpose of misleading, information concerning any material fact.


There are several degrees of Little Rock Insurance fraud

A default generic insurance fraud charge is insurance fraud in the fifth degree, a class A misdemeanor that carries imprisonment up to one year. All subsequent degrees vary as following: if in addition to the generic act of Little Rock insurance fraud the person wrongfully obtains property with a value of more than $1,000, it is insurance fraud in the fourth degree is a class E felony with the potential imprisonment up to four years. $3,000 in illegal gain makes it insurance fraud in the third degree is a class D felony (up to seven years in prison). $50,000 in illegal gains means insurance fraud in the second degree is a class C felony (maximum 15 years of imprisonment), and, finally, stealing a million dollars will make one guilty of insurance fraud in the first degree, a class B felony (up to 25 years in prison).


A person who commits a fraudulent insurance act in Little Rock, and has been previously convicted within the preceding five years of any insurance fraud crime is automatically guilty of aggravated insurance fraud in the fourth degree – a class D felony. Little Rock Insurance fraud investigation normally takes time. Authorities rarely arrest people suspected of insurance fraud without a warrant and some preliminary investigation. When you first discover that you are the subject of an insurance fraud investigation, your actions at that point may determine the outcome of the case.


Little Rock Investigators will not question persons who wish to consult a Little Rock lawyer. When you retain our experienced Little Rock insurance fraud attorneys early in the case, we may mitigate future damages and in some cases even convince Little Rock prosecutors not to proceed with the case.


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