Little Rock Cocaine Lawyers

Little Rock Cocaine Lawyers

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Representing Cocaine Possession cases in Little Rock

If you have been charged with a Little Rock Cocaine Possession offense, you are facing serious charges and should hire a skilled Little Rock Cocaine Possession charge lawyer from Wise Laws, ASAP. Call today for a free legal consultation as when you have been arrested for a Little Rock Cocaine Possession crime, you might have many questions that need to be answered.

Little Rock Cocaine Possession

The crime of Little Rock Cocaine Possession an illegal controlled substance. The Possession of cocaine is punishable by both stated and federal laws. If a person is charged with cocaine possession, the courts will consider the amount of cocaine that you had in your hands, as the reason of cocaine possession, if you had intent to sell.

Little Rock Cocaine Possession with Intent to Sell

Possessing a large amount of cocaine in Little Rock may result in a charge of cocaine possession with intent to sell. Even if the person possessing the cocaine has no intention of selling or distributing, they are many times charged with cocaine intent to sell anyway, due to the fact of a larger quantity other than societal norms of personal consumption.This is a very serious charge and carries with it harsh punishments if convicted. Having an attorney can help to reduce these cocaine charges to possession in Little Rock, if the right approach is taken, so call us today.

Cocaine Distribution in Little Rock

Little Rock Cocaine distributing is a situation in which a cocaine manufacturer sells illegal narcotics to a retailer or wholesaler, which then sell the cocaine to other groups or individuals. Any accusation of Little Rock cocaine distributing or dispensing must be taken seriously, as the penalties associated with a Little Rock conviction are severe.


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Little Rock Child Porn Lawyers

Little Rock Child Porn Lawyers

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Wise Laws Defends Allegations of Little Rock Child Porn

Wise Laws child pornography Little Rock defense lawyers protect and advance the legal rights of men and women whom are suspected of, arrested for, accused of or have been convicted of any of a number of state or federal criminal laws related to child pornography, including:

  1. Production of Little Rock child pornography

  1. Distribution of child pornography in Little Rock

  1. Possession of child pornography in Little Rock

  1. Use of child pornography

Prosecution of Little Rock Child Pornography Offenses

These offenses carry very heavy penalties, and the prosecution, whether state or federal, is very keen to convict Little Rock individuals charged with a crime related to Little Rock child pornography (i.e., the visual depiction of sexual conduct by minors, especially prepubescent children). The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), for example, devotes a great deal of their time, budget and manpower to child pornography investigations. Another federal entity, the U.S. Department of Justice, coordinates efforts among 93 offices of the U.S. Attorney and many investigative agencies to track down and prosecute child pornography offenders. They have very extensive resources, and an individual caught in the federal criminal justice system definitely needs his or her own skilled, knowledgeable Little Rock legal counsel and defense.

Punishment of Little Rock Child Pornography Offenses

The punishment for a child pornography conviction may include incarceration for years plus mandatory psychological treatment, heavy fines, and mandatory, lifetime enrollment in a sex offender registry. The state laws regarding distributing child pornography (for example, via the Internet) vary widely in terms of penalties, and the federal (national) child pornography statutes have also changed over the years, becoming more severe. Prosecutors are very eager to protect juvenile and child victims of child pornography, and they’ll do everything they can to secure a conviction. It takes an aggressive, committed Little Rock law firm such as Wise Laws whom has affiliated Little Rock child porn lawyers across the nation to provide the most effective child pornography defense for an individual accused of this type of Little Rock sex crime.

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Little Rock Child Abuse Lawyers

Little Rock Child Abuse Lawyers

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Offenses against abuse and neglect toward children are taken seriously in Little Rock

Over half of Little Rock child abuse accusations are false, yet this crime has the highest conviction rate of any felony charge. An accusation of Little Rock child abuse can start in a custody battle and lead to juvenile and criminal cases. An anonymous accusation of abuse can lead to the removal of your children, to criminal charges, to separation from your spouse, and ultimately a prison sentence. Your best defense is to understand the system you face and have the most experienced legal representation possible. At the Little Rock law offices of the Wise Laws Team, we have been protecting the rights of individuals throughout Little Rock facing false accusations of Little Rock child abuse for over thirty years.


Decades of Successful Little Rock Child Abuse Crimes Defense
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It is very easy to be falsely accused of Little Rock child abuse or lewd acts on a child, but it is exceptionally difficult to be exonerated in court. Even though 50-60% of molestation or abuse charges are false, more of these trials end in the wrongful conviction of the innocent than any other type of Little Rock criminal case. With widespread media attention often causing a state of hysteria, this highly emotional charge tends to destroy the ability of the system to handle such cases objectively.


Were You Arrested for Little Rock Child Abuse?

In family situations, frustration can suddenly turn to anger, and anger can sometimes turn into physical violence against a child. The result can be an arrest for child abuse and the need for a Little Rock child abuse attorney. More than 3 million children are reported as neglected or abused in the U.S. every year. Most of the abuse is physical or psychological. Three-fourths of those held responsible are parents.


  1. In homes with Little Rock domestic violence, children are 15 times more likely to suffer from child abuse and neglect.

  1. Child abuse in Little Rock can include physical abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual abuse. If you have been accused of any type of child abuse, you need an experienced Little Rock child abuse lawyer who can investigate the charges.

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